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History, Technology, Achievements And Evolution Of ATT Corp

ATT is a company that generally deals with products concerning technology also provides services that are technologically oriented. The company sells smart phones that are revolutionary, TV services of the next generation and solutions that are sophisticated, while at the same time effective, for multi- national businesses. The company has been in existence for more than a century. It has evolved into an organization that is consistent and provides excellent services and customer care relations to the clients.

The foundation of AT&T is based on the invention of telephones by Alexander Graham Bell. This was in 1867. In the year 1984, this company underwent a dramatic turn of events. Its managers decided to let go of telephone operations in the local realm but maintain the long distance manufacturing arm known as the R & D. This was done through an agreement between the organization and the former AT&T. SBC communications Inc. Was born from this arrangement.

After a decade, another dramatic change in this ever competitive landscape occurred. This was triggered by the Telecommunications act that was enacted in 1996. SBC communications Inc. Transformed into a global communications service provider. It acquired the Pacific Telesis group, the Ameritech Corp. And the Southern New England Telecommunications. Later, in 2005, SBC communications Inc acquired AT&T Corp. To form the new AT&T.

In 2006, the new ATT acquired the Bell South Corp. It also consolidated the ownership of Cingular Wireless, together with YP. Com. As a result of the two fore mentioned strategic moves, this company became the most significant service provider in the communications industry since the invention of the telephone, one hundred and thirty years down the bridge.

The company's mission is to connect people with the external world in every location they are. Their sole objective is to provide these services better than anyone else in this competitive industry. The organization has a strategic plan to fulfill this vision. They have created new solutions for both consumers and businesses. Secondly, they have strove to drive innovation in both the communications and telecommunications industry.

In the world, ATT is acknowledged to be amongst the leading providers of communication services, which are IP based, to businesses and people. It has also achieved to set up the largest fourth generation network in the world. This network covers more than two hundred and seventy five million people. It cuts across two thousand cities and towns. This company has been deemed to be offering the most phones that are compatible with telecommunications systems of many countries. In addition, AT&T has the vastest Wi-Fi network in the entire US.

AT&T services also entail the provision of cabled TV. U-verse is an exceptional TV that has been widely accepted in many provinces. The organization has struck a great milestone in terms of television service provision. It has been ranked as the only television service provider in the entire nation to provide services that are one hundred percent based on IP. This is part of a broader mission termed as the three screens. The three screens policy is entails provision of services to the three screens that are mostly used by people. They include the TV, PC and mobile devices.

On the 28th of September 2012, ATT and Samsung telecommunications US have jointly announced three new products on offer. They include the new fourth generation, LTE smart phones operating on android platforms. They are the Galaxy Express, Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Ruby Pro.

Users who want to explore the capabilities of a smart phone for the first time will find the Samsung Galaxy express to be exceptional. It is a 4 G LTE smart phone which has a combination of features that are high performing going at a great price. It runs on the android 4.0 operating system. It has a 4.5 inch super amelod screen. Users are helped to be productive all through the day by the 1.5GHz dual processor combined with a 2000 mAh battery. It also has a five megapixel camera that lets the user capture images more clearly.

The most recently produced New Samsung Galaxy Note two is much more better and flexible than the Samsung Galaxy. It has an enhanced battery capability with a smaller and slimmer design. This magnificent phone runs on the Android four point one operating system. It is enabled with the 4G LTE internet access technology. Its display system is made up of a five point five inch screen supported by a 1.6 GHZ quad core processor. It is more of like a PC than a phone.

Evidently ATT has proved to be a leading company in the communications industry. Its achievements are highly based on the type of leadership it has. The leadership in this organization is one that is focus oriented to deliver its goals.


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